The Melvins at Culture Room

The Melvins Tickets

Culture Room | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Does The Melvins ring any bells? We thought so! One of the ultimate alternative acts out there and now is your chance to watch live from the huge and excited crowd on the fall, 2022 tour! Hosted by the excellent Culture Room on Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday 12th October 2022, you'll be talking about it for weeks….you cannot its this! Wednesday evening and you'll be in the best possible position for good vibes….the atmosphere will be so memorable! To secure your access for October simply press the 'get tickets' link you see on this page!

If you’ve ever gone to a concert, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re yet to witness the “moment,” we urge you to stop what you’re doing, buy a ticket, and get in the arena. When the stars are aligned, it's like your life has led you up to this point in time, for this breathtaking feeling of being alive, being you, and being on the planet to experience THIS. And you can experience this, at the world famous Culture Room!

The Melvins at Culture Room

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