Plini at Culture Room

Plini Tickets

Culture Room | Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Get setto make sure you’re first in line for tickets to see Plini for their live concert at the world famous Culture Room on Sunday 12th November 2023. This one-time gig brings one of the country’s ultimate musical stars to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a show that is sure to be unforgettable! Whether you are a new fan of this rising music sensation or if you have followed them for their entire career, you can expect to enjoy an incredible night packed with awesome music and an electrifying crowd. Order your tickets now by clicking the Buy Tickets button below!

Don’t be afraid to dance! All music was made for moving. Regardless of the type of show you're attending, you should stand up and savour the show. If there is ever a time to not care if you look silly then it's at a gig. If you let yourself fall into the music you'll have way more fun and it will make the whole experience worth it. All it takes is some courage and a free-spirited attitude to make an incredible and memorable night. Come to the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale and make some memories which will last a lifetime.

Plini at Culture Room

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