Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder at Culture Room

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Culture Room | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Witness the electrifying magic of music this summer like never before at the incredible live music Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder concert, happening at the RENOWNED Culture Room in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mark your calendars for a MIND-BLOWING night on Saturday 22nd July 2023, as this spellbinding event sets the stage ablaze with its exhilarating melodies and unbridled energy.

Prepare to be carried on a thrilling ride of emotions as Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder takes the center stage LIVE this July.

Witness the greatest hits that have defined their legacy as all involved will infuse their raw emotion into each iconic song. Their music will take you on a captivating journey, leaving you yearning for more.

Don't miss your shot to be part of this extraordinary experience. Join us at Culture Room on Saturday 22nd July 2023, for an night that will defy norms and IGNITE your senses. Get ready to sway, sing, and immerse in the extraordinary enchantment of Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder.

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Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder at Culture Room

What better way to crash the daily routine than going to a head-banging metal gig downtown? This July metal lovers all across the country will head down to Fort Lauderdale for what’s said to be the most booming event of the year. That’s right, Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder will hit the stage of the iconic Culture Room and will take the fans on a mind-blowing sonic journey in the world of metal. The venue commands respect throughout the area for putting on jam-packed shows and delivering the most refined concert experience to its visitors. Everything in the hall is designed with a meticulous attention to detail – from the clean sightlines, to the flawless acoustics, viewy interior, musical installations and, of course, world-class service in the face of the staff. What’s more, the venue provides endless amounts of refreshments for everyone to recharge their engines and keep the machine running all night. You simply can’t go wrong if you secure your seat, pack your best peers into the car, drive down to Culture Room and create memories that will linger for life.

Overkill, Heathen & Exhorder at Culture Room

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